Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet Maggie...

Maggie is my sweet little girl. She is also known as "Maggie in the Middle" or "Marge in Charge" depending on her mood. 

Maggie's sense of style

Usually the oldest child always goes first, but Maggie's sense of humor prompted me to introduce her to you today.  This is the big year.  The year of preschool, and beginning to really enter the world as her own little person.

Maybe because she is in the middle of a sister who is seven, and one who is nearly one, but she seems to have her Dad's sense of humor paired with her Mom's looks.  We went out to a restaurant that we like tonight because it is closing next week.

Maggie:  I want more applesauce!

Mommy:  Do you want to try again with manners?

Maggie:  My manners ran out of batteries!  Hehe..hehe...hehe...

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