Saturday, August 10, 2013

After an extended break, a new focus

Strawberry Stitches has just been hanging out.  Life got in the way. 
With three girls, and me needing to go back to work a lot earlier than I would have liked, my crafting took a side seat, and so did the blogging.  Last summer we took a leap of faith:  sold the townhome that all five of us called home since 2004, and moved about a half mile away to a little ranch home with a lot of work to do. 
We had a lot of set backs that first year, so the home improvement part barely moved past replacing the roof. 
I finally feel ready to start up blogging again.  Trust me, it might be slow at first (my sewing room is just a bit cluttered now!) but you can join us as we raise our 3 girls, fix up our house on a barely-there budget, and tackle clutter, menu planning, and budgeting.  I also am going to try to find time for quilting in the mix.